Tuesday, 4 March 2014

4th March 2014 - On the eve of Lent...

"For lent, I'm giving up Rick Astley songs...
Just kidding, Rick. I'm never going to give you up."

Today is Pancake day - Shrove Tuesday, the day that traditionally we eat all the spare food around the house so that we can be lean and spare for the remainder of Lent... Lent this year is from March 5th (tomorrow) to April 17th... Traditionally 40 days.

It seems that the 40 days does not include Sundays - never knew that before!
40 is a repeating number in the scriptures...
The rain lasted for 40 days in the mighty flood - Noah
Moses stayed on the Mount Sinai forty days
Jonah gave the people of Ninevah forty days to repent
Jesus, before starting his ministry, spent forty days in the desert in prayer and fasting
But it is a good thing that I decided to restrict my appetites yesterday before realising the coincidence of the dates. I really don't fancy sticking to a limitation for that period of time.

But today was pancake day - and I succeeded in getting through the day without pancakes.
Last day of my sister's trip to the UK, and so we went out to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. A chicken Ceasar salad instead of a decent burger was but the start to the day !!.  No wine with the meal but a nice glass of iced water!!

The day gets better however after a trip to Aberaeron for the 50th Anniversary of the Loventium Mark Lodge. Named after the Roman settlement at Aberaeron, the Lodge was founded on March 4th 1964, and I was delighted to be there as the Provincial Grand Master and his team presented a 50th Jubilee Certificate and Charter. Even more of a delight was the fact that one of those founders from 1964  was also there to receive his 50 years of Mark Masonry Certificate....  Here's to the next 50 years - I do not expect to be there then, even if I do get very fit and thin.  

And so, a lift up to Aberaeron - so not driving! Free wine. A five course meal with Port afterwards. As guest Organist I did not even have to pay for the meal !!  But I was good !  Iced water. Starter. Small portions. No Sweet. One cracker and smidgeon of Cheese. Tea (no sugar). No port or wine...  Ho Hum...

A lovely evening with plenty of laughter. But this could kill me !!!!
So - not doing it for 40 days!!!   End of March still seems the right time..
After all - Spring is just around the corner !!!

Think a cup of coffee is called for.....

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