Tuesday, 26 December 2017

26th December 2017 - Boxing Day - Sort Of

Thought for the day:"I think I have reached unproductive o'clock - beer me"

By tradition, this, the second day of Christmas (by most views) is deemed to be boxing day. It is also St Stephen's day and something to do with horses apparently. but enough of that. I have too many boxes in the warehouse to be worrying about traditions.

So yesterday (being a not Christmas day as we were celebrating my daughter's birthday which falls upon the 25th December and not Christmas at all) was a quiet day of birthday celebration with a nice birthday meal of Prawn Cocktail, Spare Ribs and baked potatoes (with butter and sour cream) and for those who could manage it (not me I am afraid) apple crumble and cream!

Good thing that we went out for a walk around Swiss Valley Reservoir first to build up a little appetite...

wet dog !!  wet Scarlett

In other news - I saw this little ditty on a Viking Board and decided to keep it for posterity ...

"Mail links ring,
Are you listening?

On our blades,

Blood is glistening.
We're here for a fight,
We're happy tonight,
Raiding in a Viking wonderland.
In the meadow we will fight the Saxons.
We will form shield wall and cut them down.
We'll get lots of loot out of the abbey.
And then we will incinerate their town!
Later on we'll conspire,
While around the campfire.
To plan a new raid,
With the money we made,
Raiding in a Viking wonderland."

So - on with the day .. Susie, Bunnie and Scarlett are going to the Pantomime today - oh no they're not! Oh yes they are ! so a few minutes to myself later - Seems the cost of theatre tickets is just rising more and more. There are newspaper articles about the rise in prices due to the increase in governmental cuts

prices in 2015

- and it seems that we are now looking at £28 plus per seat... even for littlun's though I suppose everyone takes a seat ...  No longer a cheap day out !!

But then I do not go to the cinema so I have no real point of comparison....

And though Boxing day is a secular holiday - let us return to the religious theme for a moment..

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