Wednesday, 20 December 2017

20th December 2017 - Day 20 - Braving the Shops

Thought for the day:"If I swallow more magnets will I be more attractive?"

Day 20 - Survival skills
A foray into danger this morning! Armed only with a list of required provisions and household essentials for the forthcoming family encounters, bulbs for the spotlights, sealant for the edges of the bath, a fluorescent starter for the bathroom lights, whisky, gin, wine, furniture polish and crisps - you know the sort of thing - a standard shop at this time of year, I checked for the enemy and made my way to the local shopping centre...  heart in my throat!

I had seen those who had fallen in the good ship Tesco, but it had to be!!  Dashing along the isles, trying to dodge the incessant music, knowing as each track started it gave me a couple more minutes of safety until the next track change - but shock and horror, no bulbs or starters, no sealant ... B & Q it would have to be!!  Entering to the sounds of Nat king Cole, and a short discussion with the lady at the front regarding why I had left my senior card behind and could not get the 10% discount and an examination of the bulbs - screw in spots seemed to be no longer the rage!!... Managing to restrict to 2 tracks and Wilko it was.... Once more the sounds of Christmas commercialism struck me as I entered - and once again it seemed that we were cursed with the originals, Call the cavalry and Do they know it's Christmas passed all to quickly, and Fairy Tale of New York was at least over 4 minutes long as I confirmed the bulbs, starter and sealant - and made it through the check out to the safety of the car park...

Now firmly ensconced in the house ... the Adrenalin is subsiding and a cup of tea is called for.. and some quiet moments to reflect #unbowed #unwhammed #unrepentant

In other news - the Queen is doing well for her age ...

and on a musical note - this

Best go and do some housework now ..

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