Tuesday, 19 December 2017

19th December 2017 - Smells a little like Christmas - Not !

Thought for the day:"When I catch people staring at me - I just reckon they are taking notes on how to be awesome"

A day clearing the back yard - this does not sound much but the months of devastation and neglect there meant that it was more of a task than I was expecting. The drains had clearly been blocked - causing a smell in the bathroom but the blockage had passed leaving much debris.

The Karcher came into its own and the battered old shovel managed to clear most of the greenery that was sprouting like Triffids from the broken paving..... The smell of Jeyes fluid is still with me - despite a shower and change of clothing - I think it may be there for a while !

But the back yard is clear - it is clean and smells (sort of good if you like Jeyes fluid).

Talking of smells - it appears that the dog has blocked anal glands and will have to be cleared regularly for ever! But she had a visit to the vet today and is smelling sweet - well smelling dog rather than sweet.

And so we moved towards Christmas - only a few more rooms to complete ready for Birthdays and Christmas. Complete in the sense of clearing and hoovering and sticking wallpaper back into the bathroom walls. Tomorrow is find some wood to cover the holes in the bedroom left by the smaller size radiators and take stuff back to the warehouse - the ladders, the mead goblets, some other rubbish that has drifted into the house.

So on other thoughts - I found a list of bingo calls today and decided to collect them here as a source for the future ... and put them here as I think the pictures remain ..

Just in case I need a new job as a bingo caller...

Chateau 41  (white) is very tasty this time ..

btw Day 19 #unwhammed

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