Thursday, 14 December 2017

14th December 2017 - 14 Days Unwhammed

Thought for the day:"If you take the word MILK and change only three letters you get MEAD"

Day 14 - Like pulling Teeth -  
Dentist this morning. Something I do not cherish or look forward to. A childhood of pain and removed teeth - I have very few at the back and have learned to chew carefully over the years, but today, apart from a cleaning and discussion of whitening, my mouth is apparently in good working order.  However, it did little for my nerves. 
Why? you may ask.... Well, arriving a few minutes early, as  it is only polite to do, and taking my obligatory form for completion of changes in medication or address, I sat in the small waiting room upstairs. Previously, the television has played "Homes under the Hammer" or one of those day-time telly programmes where everyone gets angry but it doesn't matter because the sound is so low that you cannot hear what is going on, but follow the body language.... 
But, today there was no television. Had they forgotten to pay the Licence, or decided that they were not registered for public performance, or saving electricity? I had no idea. But in place of the television it dawned on me that there was not a silence.. No! there were the clear sounds of Christmas Music. Frantically I looked to see where it was coming from, and sure enough, embedded into the ceiling was the magnolia painted mesh of a speaker cover. 
Worse on Worse! As the song ended, the clear jingles of Heart Radio came through loud and clear. 
I looked to the dentist's closed door, for the first time in my life wishing that it would open and embrace me with the antiseptic smell and piercing sounds of High Speed Dental drills.... But it remained closed! Two songs completed... another jingle...  
And the door opened and I rushed in faster than a child at a sweet shop.
As I sat in the chair though - I heard the sounds of music coming from the DAB radio in the corner.
"Have you, eh...  heard of #Whamageddon? by any chance?" I asked of Mr Storer, the Dentist, who gazed at me with a slightly blank look  ...  Clearly he had not. 
Having established that he did indeed use Social Media, I dived into an explanation of the Rules and the repercussions....  "Fascinating" he said as I placed the protective glasses on my face and he reached into my mouth with his implements of destruction.
But - he did so in silence! He had switched the radio off "just in case". "Radio 2" he said - "but you can never be too careful"
Twenty minutes later I walked carefully through the waiting room, like an urban forager or ranger through enemy territory, but happy in the knowledge that I had safely achieved another morning of safety - and had, it seemed even enlisted one more to the numbers of the #unwhammed  - A good start to the day.

And in other news - Ireland is still proving a difficulty for Brexit - with the discussion over hard and soft borders...

Off to the Registrar this afternoon - ho hum

And no Chateau 41 left ...
I raise an empty glass

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