Thursday, 23 November 2017

23rd November 2017 - Dirty Vans and Warm Houses

Thought for the day:"Some people are lost in their fires - others are forged in them"

So, the house is a little messy - but warmest it has been in years. All the radiators seem to work with the exception on one int he living room which we "adjusted" and stopped working - never mess with stuff just after the workmen have left!

There is furniture everywhere! "Stuff" in every room without a home - so the task of putting it all back together starts. Meanwhile the wind is whipping through the back door and the Dog flap is incapable of shutting - sot he kitchen is a little cooler - but that is okay.

Thermostat needs a little action and the Baxi Man is coming - sounds like a horror film to me - but he should be able to fix everything. With a chippy to put the kitchen cupboard back together and a bricky to put a block into the wall where the old flue went - the job will be finished - except fr some needed re-decoration due to radiator sizes these days being much more compact than in the old days so areas of wallpaper are missing.

But the house is warm - and that is a bonus. If I had to have an outside firepit - I might go for this one... 

In other news, the budget came and went and nothing really seems to be startling this year - or I have got bored with the whole thing - not sure really....

Found this picture today - where an artist is using the dirt on the back of vans to create art instead of graffiti and "Wash Me".  Was impressed.

So I was inspired to look for some more and there are hundreds out there- here are some of my favourites

and with that I leave the rest of the day to yourself - enjoy

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