Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7th June 2016 - Aging Fast...

Thought for the day :"At this moment you are the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be"

Old age is compulsory I suppose, at least it is better than the alternative, but growing up is not a necessity. A friend decided to lament the passing of the years - or rather to express her determination not to let it affect her - and I applaud her determination..... sarah's blog

"Being a grown-up is utterly dull and I want no part of it.
It’s my life. Those I invite on board the roller coaster are there because I want them. You don’t like the sudden drops, or the inversions? Then go play on the swings. This is my party. Happy to just roll with the world? Then welcome on board. Person who makes the best train noises wins this lollipop!"

I have a few years on her and the same principles apply. I know my 88 year old mother can't quite understand why she is not as mobile as she would like to be - and is talking about getting a tattoo as soona s she gets out of hospital. Not something I approve of, just on principle, I know - I am a bad man in the eyes of many people these days, but I am not a fan of "ink" though I can admire some wonderful art work .. I just prefer the canvas...

But at 62, I still enjoy running around and playing and entertaining, though after my injury last summer I am restricted in my combat games...  and manage to take a decent photograph if you can get the right photographer..

 I really like these - they have the feeling of an old master  -

I may not be quite as fast as I was - but still managing to do what I want to ..

But - old age can creep up on anyone - I have prided myself that I take no tablets or medication other than the occasional nasal spray for a high pollen count - but an application for life insurance required a trip to the Doc - and that meant a blood pressure test and apparerntly it is high again - 170/103 which is not a good sign. Also my cholestral is up at 7 and the "bad" cholestral 4.5 - both of which are treatable - but not what I wanted when applying for an extension on the life insurance - just giving the company a good excuse to bump the premiums  - Oh well!  Have to take some blood tests, which I don't mind, but they have to be "fasting" tests, which mean not eating after 9pm so that the test can be taken the next day...

How can I go through the evening without my cheese and pate doorstep sandwich and crisps at 2am?? Really not sure that I can take this ! Apparently I am allowed water - though I cannot take it in a decent spirit as usual ...

Getting old is really miserable - well at least for one evening ...

But back to Sarah -

"Being an adult is a certainty. It’s a physical thing. We only measure it in years because that’s what society expects of us. Being an adult is knowing when you have to pay your bills, knowing when you have to sacrifice a holiday because the roof needs retiling, or giving up your hard earned cash to your offspring because you love them and want them to be happy. Being an adult is knowing when you need to be silly, to fill your life with love, laughter and ludicrousness. Being a grown-up is accepting your mortality and waiting, sternly, drinking tea from your matching mugs, whilst tutting at the state of your peers, who are rolling about in mud, dressed as fantasy characters and playing make-believe."

Well said Sarah - I shall drink to that ...  though maybe not tonight ..

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