Friday, 17 June 2016

17th June 2016 - Nothing is complete until the paperwork is done

Thought for the day :"What's the difference between a poorly dress man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle? Attire!"

This is a week old and should have been posted on the 6th June but I thought it was worth having it here to put things into context - after all things are not always what they seem .. Here is a letter sent to Mr Einstein in 1907... we are not always understood by our peers...

And neither science nor politics are always as simple as we think ...  Yesterday a popular young labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a disturbed man who may or may not have been part of Britain First or Brexit, it seems to matter little to those who are utilising the day to expound their crocodile tears and political slogans. Two drugs that may cure skin cancer were allowed into the NHS on fast track that may prove a speedy way of passing other drugs onto those who need them. Many lives may be changed as a result. A British spaceman (Tim Peake) is preparing to return to earth after 6 months in the Space Station where he has done amazing broadcasts to millions of viewers changing the attitudes of thousands of children with his antics and demonstrations. The press is not full of his good works - it is full of how more dangerous it is for him to land than take off !!

But most of my feed is on the EU referendum or how fed up people are of the Referendum...

Meanwhile in other news about immigration and Europe...

But it would be difficult to criticise an EU directive - actually it would be difficult to read one ..

So...  I will leave you with a more important decision and something that affects peoples lives more every day - more even than whether jam or cream should take precedence upon the scone...which way should the toilet roll hang???  Finally - the answer..  

Don't say that you don't get all the answers on my blog.. (or on the bog)


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