Monday, 13 June 2016

13th June 2016 - Back from LARP it is then - A little wet

Thought for the day: "Success is walking into a room and remembering why I am there"

Was a wet weekend..  the rain came down very heavily and I was so glad that we were in Hilda - the new Crimson Moon Tent - we called her Hilda as she was "Brand New"  (Hilda Brand !!  See what I did there ?)

But it did give me an opportunity to try some clever stuff

Drips on Canvas
Of course - we might have been at Empire or as it was this weekend we might have been visiting Download...

I have been to festivals like that - just saying..
Still, had a good weekend with many friends and lots of singing was done - may even have a video from Slender Films..  never can tell ..

Cheers !

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