Sunday, 19 June 2016

19th June 2016 - On Leaders, Greens and Border Control

Thought for the day:" Some people ought to slip into a something more comfortable - like a coma"

It rarely happens but it seems that my investigative abilities let me down on this one. The picture was too good to be true I know and I shoudl have gone the step further - but I will draw the line at actually apologising to Farage- but he was well stitched on this one.

Yesterday I included this fine photograph of a young Nigel Farage in 1983 ..

Seems it was a fake - but a good fake and therefore worth a mention..

Take a photo of a punk and a photo of Farage and photoshop them together

"It was originally going to be Michael Gove but I couldn’t find an image that was the right angle so I chose Farage because the Media are obsessed with him & there are loads more images. I normally sign my images but people would realise that it was a fake if I had so I made it black & white then sent it out. Then it goes viral & I get no credit maybe 50 extra followers! I’ve done it before with Jeremy Hunt but that didn’t get as much attention."   @sketch_a_etch

And in other news - Obama gets onto the band wagon on Green Issues....

And this little gem which I will attribute to the writer..

Andy Haring
I think I've changed my mind about border control. I think we should close our borders completely now, for about a year. With any luck, that will stop the England fans coming back. I also think the French people should make it very clear that the English hooligans (and of course they will assume that all England fans are hooligans) aren't welcome there. So eventually all the England fans will end up sitting in makeshift accommodation in Calais waiting for their applications for citizenship to be processed.
Refugees? Why yes; I'd never thought of it like that. They'll be refugees. And then of course we can all point out that a large number of them are young men and not women or children, and speculate about how they're only coming here to spread their intolerance and violence throughout our otherwise peaceful and civilised society. And this time the point will be valid.
The other thing about these hooligans, of course, is that the large buildings in which they worship and in which their faith in their violent and divisive beliefs are intensified are everywhere in Britain now. So where are the campaigns to stop more football stadia being built?
Wait; this isn't fair. Most football fans are perfectly nice, decent, peaceful folk. Some of my best friends go to football matches. We can't be blaming the sport of football for what is obviously a bunch of violent idiots looking for an excuse. What sort of idiot would see a small number of violent idiots and assume that the entire culture they claim to represent is to blame?

Its a strange old world ..
Cheers !

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