Monday, 9 May 2016

9th May 2016 - Just an old Hack

Thought for the day : "I doubt that vodka is the answer - but it is worth a shot"

Today I had the honour of being hacked ... Well actually it was Cloned - someone took my profile picture and set up a facebook page as me and invited my friends to add me .. Luckily most saw through it straight away and for once Facebook seems to have acted with remarkable speed and alacrity - they took the offending profile off within a few minutes ..

In actual fact I was having broadband problems so I was not even on line when the whole incident started and was finished...  I managed to get back on line to find that the matter was completed and many friends were telling me I had been hacked ....

I added a profile in respect of this incident

and took a profile :
The idea was to see if he/she was actually doing this in real time - but it seems that they were shut down before - so that was that  - a little bit of excitement

Meanwhile, finished painting the front of the house and the scaffolding has gone ..
Have to find out tomorrow whether I can sell the house or not - with the new affordability rules - but that is a job for tomorrow

Managed to sort a few more videos .. so here is one :

Enjoy ..
Lifting a glass of Chateau 41 (white) rather nice to be honest ..

Cheers !

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