Saturday, 28 May 2016

28th May 2016 - And a singing we will go

Thought for the day : " Every family has a weird relation - if you don't know who yours is - then it is probably you "

I shall be off to a local event this evening - in Carmarthen, at a location I was unaware of which is slightly strange as it has been used as a LARP location for a few years by all accounts and is right on my doorstep...  Cwmoernant Farm is located up a long road above Carmarthen and ends in the Farmyard where over the last 20 years Penny has been turning it into an activity centre for the local scouts and bee keepers, and other groups who attend and also forming an elaborate wedding or hand-fasting venue or just a nice place to hang out for a party..

(updated 31st May - apparently this was the first time that the site had been used for LARP and Penny wishes to keep the links to word of mouth and invite only - so, as only a few friends read this missive I shall add this update rather than re-writing the whole blog, which is always an outpouring of thoughts as they bubble out of my strange mind...)

I am lucky today in that the weather is glorious and brings out the best of the site - but here are a few pictures to give an idea of the place...

The Pizza /  Bread Oven

and bees

The Farm House

Inside the Barn

The stage - playing there tonight

Seating of all types

Useful for weddings

So - good luck to Penny - is really close to what we would like to be doing one day .... Full links here on Flickr


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