Sunday, 22 May 2016

22nd May 2016 - Happy World Geek and Goth day

Thought for the day :"Might wake up early for a jog tomorrow … Might win the lottery .. Odds are about the same !"

So - Happy World Goth and Geek Day

Yup, and it is only coincidental that it is Morrissey's birthday ...
Yes, it’s true. Along with Black Cat Day and Bat Appreciation Day, there’s another spooky date for the calendar. Organised in 2009 by two DJs on the British goth scene, Martin Oldgoth and Cruel Britannia, World Goth Day initially began as a day in the UK only. It wasn’t until the following year that it went international. May 22 was chosen because a BBC radio show focusing on the gothic subculture was broadcast on that date, and the guys fancied extending the goth-love a little further.

Many have said that perhaps Halloween would be a more obvious choice, but as the fellas themselves say “(only if) you want to share the day with half the world who think it’ll be cool to wear black for a day just so they can look ‘spooky’, and completely miss the point after you’ve gone to all that effort to look that good all year round”. Too true!  Essentially it is an excuse to get your goth on. To promote gothic music and subculture and celebrate the awesomeness that is gothdom. Organize an event (or support one that is already on), request gothic tracks on your local radio station or at the very least “dress up in full goth regalia and dance around your bedroom to goth songs in your head.” Unless you do that most nights of course.

Personally I have never seen anything wrong with the fashion ...

but everyone can enjoy themselves ..

And on another note
Enjoyed this...
Sitting on the dock of the bay 

and as the ducks are getting bigger I thought I would add to the self help section for working in a smallholding ...


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