Thursday, 26 May 2016

26th May 2016 - Waiting for JarJar

Thought for the day:"What does it mean when Holy water sizzles when it hits your skin?? ( asking for a friend )"

Another month seems to be closing up, and for me a year in the Chair of St Teilo is drawing to an end. One final third degree ceremony and a recess for the summer, with the Installation in September to finish the full year. A mixed bag, but it will be nice to have completed my third sojourn in the Chair.

Meanwhile, this little missive popped up on my feed today and made me chuckle. As Beckett says "We are all born mad. Some remain so."  That seems a reasonable motto...  Also "Birth was the death of him..."

Amused me!  but I still would like to remember to prepare a sheet for the next time I pick up my sister at the airport -

And so, since today seems to be all over the place - there is no reason for this picture of the day either ...  but here it is ...

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