Tuesday, 31 May 2016

31st May 2016 - Pirates and the Dipping Forecast

Thought for the day : When Aphrodite lies naked in a huge clam she is a Goddess - when I do it I am apparently a "Drunk" - and "banned from the aquarium" as well

Recently went to a lovely little pirate LARP system called Buccaneers where a team of photographers competed with each other to take the best photos... and they were in a league of their own... One, Harry or "Aitch" as he likes to be known as - took two - or rather he took several hundred but two were the ones that he has posted ...

I rather liked them ....

I have on occasion reported from the musings of my friend Roger who is often seen in re-enactments as the Barber Surgeon.. today however I found amissive from anothe re-enactor / trader - a good friend Duke Henry Plantagenet... an amusing piece - which somehow managed to combine dirinking nudity and the Shipping Forecast - so put here to keep for posterity if not for prosperity ..

Duke Henry
From the Department of Don't Ask Questions On Your Status, Unless You Want Me Answering Them.

Dear Uncle Henry, Your Grace,
"" I have been bet a bottle of vodka to go skinny dipping at midnight Do I say "Yes", "No" or "Two bottles, and you've got a deal" ?""

Dear M

In areas Portland, Wight, Dover, Thames, & Humber, say Yes.
Demand Two bottles in areas Plymouth, Lundy, Irish Sea and Tyne.
Demand the very finest Highland Malt in areas Malin, and Hebrides, at least three in Fair Isle. 
Say No in all other areas, and demand a plane ticket to Fitzroy and Trafalgar instead.
Deliver a smack in the teeth, to anyone suggesting you skinny in South East Iceland, and that is the end of the Dipping Forecast.

So, another day of sunshine today - must be because my family are all heading out to Crete and leavign me with the responsibilities of the dog, the chickens, the ducks and watering the plants in the Greenhouse...  what could possibly go wrong ???   urr .... 
Best have a glass of Chateau 41 later..

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