Monday, 6 July 2015

6th July 2015 - Back from the water

Thought for the day,"Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes"
(Ancient Maori proverb)
(After that, who cares? He's a mile away...and you have his shoes!)

And so we are back ashore after a trip into history ans into the world of 19th Century sailing. Allow me to introduce the  "Pilgrim" - built in 1895 - a Brixham Trawler - still with a fishing licence but now valued at £2.4 million - and willing to take guests for an overnight trip.

This majestic and powerful vessel was rescued from almost certain loss. Pilgrim BM45 is a very important vessel, a survivor of the huge Brixham fishing fleet of the 1900’s and registered on the National Register of Historic Ships.

Re-launched after restoration by a dedicated group of volunteers and craftsmen. Care has been taken to ensure that above deck she appears as authentic as practically possible. Etched with traditions of the past, sympathetically complemented by up-to-date comfort’s of stylish modern sailing accommodation, Pilgrim BM45; the jewel in the crown of Brixham’s heritage sailing fleet!

Brixham sailing trawler PILGRIM was built in 1895, by J W & A Uphams, one of Brixham’s most famous yards. PILGRIM was one of six similar vessels built at the yard during that year. Brixham; an extremely busy Port at this time, with over 300 similar red sailed, wood built vessels: played a huge part in the development of trawling which places both Port and these famous trawlers at the pinnacle of Britain’s maritime heritage.

She is one of a Handful of Surviving red sailed, wood built Brixham Sailing Trawlers

And we had a great time. Apparently some people go on board and sit and watch the crew ...  ?? !
Nope - we managed all the sail and helmed her from Falmouth across to the river and back with an overnight stay ...  A good time was had by all..
Photos likely tomorrow ..

In the meantime - we are home - the chickens survived and fish and chips for tea - and a bottle of Merlot ...  "Merlot??" I hear you ask?? Yes - the next batch of "41" seems to be a few days off....

Cheers and Goodnight !

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