Friday, 24 July 2015

24th july 2015 - Packing and Pound Shops

Thought for the day:" I could be a morning person. If morning started around noon."

Friday - and a hard day.. up early and loafing around the pound shops trying to find out what I need for the forthcoming trip.. Lidl and I get a Mosquito net door - can't remember if there were insects in Germany last year - could be - was cheap.. Man in the Pound Shop was amused by someone who bought 5 pairs of reading glasses - but I lose them so quickly every event - or even between getting up and having a cup of tea..
Mind you - clearing the Bothy and I found four more pairs that had fallen by the wayside..

A new LiLo - and a power blower to blow it up...

A cleaner Bothy, and a rationalisation of how to stack "stuff" - and we seem to have more room than I thought..    A long day - but a satisfying one I think ...

Tomorrow we get to play with the new trailer tent and finalise the loading ..
Then Germany - here we come - though it looks as thought it will be a long and arduous journey with the eurotunnel almost closed - Operation Stack in Place and 4 hour delays  - ho hum

Glad I was not in a hurry !!

So one last glass of Chateau 41 ...   Watching Batman - and then bed ....

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