Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27th May 2015 - New Paths and Rambling...

Thought for the day: "It's never too late to be what you want to be. Unless you want to be younger. Then you're screwed!"

Another sunny day, must be because the family is in Crete and therefore we need to be enjoying the same weather. Managed two straight days without prevarication - and as a result have the business accounts up to date and have a good idea of the stock levels, and the financial state so far this year after 5 events. Seems that the old skills are not missing.

Still taking the run to the hospital most days - though was commanded to stay at home the day before yesterday, but needed to go in and find out what they were doing with the hip brace which reaches almost to my mother's neck and some tablet issues which still seems to be causing confusion. Appears that hospital Pharmacy's are a law unto themselves....

Took the opportunity of walking the dog onto the beach via a different route - thought we could both do with a change..

Strange, but after walking the same route for weeks, I decided to follow a path just a little further rather than turn off for the beach and found myself at a pond that I did not know was there.
The dog probably knew - after all it was water and there was something foul and smell to roll in on the shoreline - probably swan droppings or similar, but it was better to get her into the water at the beginning of the walk rather than put up with the smell in the car on the way home...
Certainly looked nice in the sun, and though the wind was a little chilly, a brisk walk brought us out onto the beach where the tide was so far out I was glad that we had decided on the swim ion the pond rather than depend upon the sea.
So, managed to remember to buy a bottle of milk on the way home, and some oven chips. The girls have been doing their job well and there are loads of eggs in place so a treat for the evening - egg and chips followed by mandarins in jelly. Boiled the kettle, having got the milk so I could have a cup of tea, and promptly forgot and opened a bottle of Chateau 41 to have with dinner..  Oops!  Could have happened to anyone you know!

Quiet evening in.. Short rehearsal for meeting on Thursday - my master elect night for the Craft... third time lucky they say!  Might get it right next time!!

Meanwhile, rambling through the Book of Faces, I came across another set of rambling thoughts - which I thought I may share with you - Missives by Mr Morgan...  

Stories from Mr  Morgan the Barber Surgeon..

 "Now, I must admit I'm getting rather boring about chippings. You see, I decided to tidy up the approach to Morgan Mansions by laying chippings on the verge of the driveway that sweeps up to the grand entrance porch and after much deliberation I decided upon Cotswold stone chippings working on the principle that if the Cotswolds are good enough for Prince Charles, chippings thereof are good enough for me.

Anyway, having made a decent enough fist of that I decided to extend it to the rear of the Mansions and the ornamental flower bed to the south of the croquet lawn. However, to do that I had to grub out a very old and diseased plant/bush/thingie that has been there for years, poor thing. And that's when I met an old comrade in arms. 

There he was, still holding his position after all those years under the leaves, a plastic German soldier. He must have served in all the great battles with Major General Anthony Smith (8) commanding the allied forces, Field Marshal Marc Powell (8 and a bit) directing the forces of Imperial Japan and Ubersturmbahmhautmannfuhrer Morgan (8ish) in charge of the Axis. How many fearsome Stukas crashed and burned in the shrubbery with the aid of white spirit, a match and an air rifle? 

How many gallant Spitfires patrolled the air space between the ornamental pond and the kitchen door to the consternation of the dog? But there he stood, firm, for all those years. Now, he's not the first to fall in after all this time. Captain Scarlet put in an appearance a few years back from under the bush by the shed...sorry summerhouse. A bit worn and faded but at least proving he really was indestructible. 

But after all this digging and reminiscing on battles of old, always over by tea time, I decided to have a brew, myself. As I sat there surveying the fruits of my labours a robin arrived and sat on the fence gazing patiently at the disturbed earth waiting for his supper to surface. A bee buzzed past hunting for his last sup of nectar for the evening. And as St Basils bell invited the righteous to their Sunday eveningtide devotions the sun cast long shadows across the fields on the other side of the valley as it slipped quietly over the horizon to kiss the Americas good morning. 

This is when I had an overwhelming feeling that at least for tonight, in the garden of Morgan Mansions, all is well with the world. Night night my darlings."


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