Monday, 25 May 2015

25th May 2015 - Smelly Hounds and Milk alternatives

Thought for the day : "Sometimes I feel like a semicolon. I'm not sure where I belong."

A surprisingly successful day hitting the paperwork..  Of course there are always some down sides.. Working too hard can affect your brain they say and after walking the dog I really meant to pop into the local shop for a bottle of milk so I could have a cup of tea - and got into the hallway before I remembered.. It was not just forgetfulness I hasten to add - it was also because I failed to see the dog rolling in something nauseous just before getting into the car.. Something I have Had to get more used to with a Labrador than ever occurred with the collies..

So, trying to get home in short time to get the hose onto 'Thena and as I carefully removed the collar and lead from a rather smelly hound  - I came to the realisation that the cup of tea would have to wait...

I could have gone back out again I know - but somehow it seemed easier to reconsider the day - it is Bank Holiday after all, and decide that I could skip the cup of tea and proceed straight onto the Chateau 41 - so baked beans on toast with and egg on top - and ready to sit down in front of the TV with a glass in hand ....

Seems like a plan..

'Thena with the Boar - butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

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