Tuesday, 12 May 2015

12th May 2015 - Back to normalcy - whatever that is...

Thought for the day :"Don't worry about old age - it does not last that long"

I know ... I have used it before - but as I am a few weeks behind on the Facebook Birthday messages I thought I may catch up a little.

So - first day at home after being away for a while. The last set of chickens are in the freezer. Charlotte, one of our layers rather than a new royal baby, has had the chop due to ill health, the nine new babes are in the big chicken run and the "bumblebees" the cross between the polish and standard have become the "penguins" as they are hopping around like penguins...

New car has had the final bits and pieces identified and will be in the garage tomorrow for a little bit of welding and other things that the MOT station failed to find - but it seems to be a low mileage and well looked after vehicle so we are still within our original price range. It drives well and looks good so am happy.

A full day of sorting Tabs and admin matters for two events. Curious Pastimes and the Vale. It turned out that I only had a day to turn around between the two events - as the Vale wanted to have the bar open on the Thursday night for the set up crew - well they asked - so we managed it ... Had to be a solo effort as the team were committed in their normal work - but it all worked out in the end ..

 So, a little bit of the admin completed.. some photos posted and a quick count of resources.
A few days to settle down now - and a chance to have a blossom hill and a glass of scotch

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