Monday, 18 May 2015

18th May 2015 - Get on with the work !

Thought for the day: "Did you hear about the psychic amnesiac? He knew in advance what he was going to forget.."

As I sit and muse - I ralsie that the month is slipping away and there are really admion duties to get on with. Meanwhile the rubbish needed to be taken out.

Of course - in the past, this has been a special treat for my mother who enjoys being taken out to the dump - or the amenity site as they like to call it these days.

There was a large set of bags with the debris form the pond, the debris from the chicken coups - which sadly seemed to be fermenting a bit and the bag was not very strong leading to some rapid holding of the nose while shoveling into another bag...

The Terrano seems to tow alright - fourth time lucky with a car I am hoping, but sod's law meant that one tyre was flat. A quick pump with the foot pump and the air rapidly came out of the walls of the tyre - it had perished ! In fact it was more like a zombie tyre with bits flaling out all over the place. Able to put enough air to get it around to the tyre place - and another £30 out on vehicles - nowhere seems to do retreads or second hand any more.

But three trips to the dump and on the last a lady was about to throw a perfectly good guitar stand in to the scrap - so she let me have it instead.  So bomus - a clear back yard and a guitar stand to boot..

Which of course meant that by the time I got back - grubby and smelly, and a shower and off to the hospital for visit. Well the day had run away from me ....

Master Elect night in Prince of Wales - the oldest Lodge in Llanelli (1876) for my compatriot Ray. So best draw a line under the whole Monday thing and get on with a glass of Scotch...


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