Thursday, 14 May 2015

14th May 2015 - And the rain came pouring down

Thought for the day : "Whats the difference between a piano, a tuna & a bucket of glue?
You can tuna piano but you can't tuna fish"

"But what about the glue ??"
"I thought you would get stuck there !!

Seems that the weather has changed today. Rain but not too cold.. Terrano still in the garage having "bits" done and a daily trip to Carmarthen for hospital visits.
Small mountain of paperwork does not seem to want to decrease - have to really hit it properly today and stop prevaricating .. Oh look !!   A butterfly!!   (Not really - just the way my brain is at the moment)

A couple of nice photos came out of the Curious Pastimes first event:

Oliver Facey takes some lovely shots - so thought I would add them here.
No sign of the Sim Card so looks like I have no excuse but to get on with the paperwork ..

Ho Hum ...
My mother had a win on the premium bonds today!  £25 but better than a kick in the teeth.
So .. the paperwork...

Maybe it would be better with another cup of tea...

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