Monday, 27 October 2014

27th October 2014 - More Containers (Part Five) and small rooms

Thought for the day: 'The first time I got a universal remote control, I thought to myself "This changes everything." '

Continuing a random series of container conversions around the world ...  Here is Poteet Architects who created this San Antonio guest house. It’s just 360 square feet, and has a living room, study area, bathroom and patio.
I will let the pictures tell the story ...

This one is only small - really just one container and a flat balcony / patio area...
But it is quite well maintained...
It has all the facilities ..
and shows what can be put into a small area..

Of course the sunshine can help !!!

But if you are really interested in making the best of a small space, then the following video shows what you can do in a tiny flat if you use your imagination..
It says that 1100 sq feet can condense into 420 square feet ...  I think they manage that !!

Starting with a small flat in Soho - it was a bit of a mess to be honest !!
And clearing the whole space to make it work...
Two years on and they ave not only one bedroom there
But the double bunks
And that is not to mention the toilet, shower, kitchen and of course - when brought out - the dining table..
But you will have to watch the video to get the full effect ...

Enjoy ...

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