Saturday, 9 June 2012

9th June 2012 - and the sun peeped out from behind the clouds...

What a change in the weather! Still cold but the sun is shining. Must be because it is my mother's birthday - 85 years young today but we are not allowed to tell anyone!!  I have a voucher for Frankie & Bennie's for 20% off so we will have to go out to lunch. Nothing too good for my mother !!

Susie has the Bio-diesel cooking. I need to clear a space in the living room to get to the canvass so she can look at the repairs. I have to get the extra Tables and Benches out of the trailer - find the wall hangings and get them into the air before they start smelling! At least it is not tipping down with rain today ...

Wall hangings out... canvas laid out for repair... trailer sorted a little more.
Frankie & Benny's for lunch - bottle of wine and a pint of Carling...  Updated two more videos ... seems like time for a nap!

Oops - rest of the day seems to have gone somewhere !!
While out in the world - Aberystwyth is under water, I always said that it was a silly place to build the police station in the flood plain and rain all over the place - other than here of course where it has been very sunny and warm. Wall hangings allsorted - Susie drying out the marquee so that it can be repaired tomorrow.

Videos added to the Video Channel, and Jude & Ant made me admin of the Fest site so I can post direct to that.

Better go and find a bottle of wine methinks - and maybe watch some telly - haven't done that for a while !!

Meanwhile - watch the blocks falling down with La Mort Subite ...


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