Thursday, 21 June 2012

21st June 2012 - Another Quiet Day.

Lay in a little this morning - well with the Kiddies being very quiet as they had their breakfast in the living room - and little Torrin bouncing in his green frog... and playing his music.

Decided to have an early start to get to Bookers the Wholesalers for the extra bits and pieces for the weekend. Decided to get pints of Lager, some more Crabbies, and some Pear Cider.
Came out and noticed that the front tyre of the van was going flat - a closer look showed that a nail had gone into the tyre... but it still had some air in it - enough to get around the corner to the Tyre Repair place  that luckily was quite close.

Had to wait a while for the repair to the tyre - but all sorted - and took the opportunity to get the shredded Trailer Tyre replaced as well - so we have two spare tyres for the Trailer now..

Back home via Tesco's for the additional food for the weekend - and couldn't remember whether we had enough Red Bull - so bought some extra there. Also bought a new Iron to de-wax the tablecloths - £4.96..   "Win"

Found that the iPod was crashed, and all the work last night did not seem to be working. So decided to start from scratch - reset the iPod and reformatted it again.  Loaded up some music and brought in the Angry Bird and it all seems to work well.

Photos all posted onto Flickr and Facebook.

Girls just home from School. Susie de-waxed the table cloths and they are in the washing machine.

Quick update on the Blog - not sure if we will be able to update over the weekend - we are without power at Tournament Stud.

Weather forecast:  Weather at Silverstone

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