Tuesday, 12 June 2012

12th June 2012 - Off to Leek ... Curious Pastimes Event 2

Important note to self
Remember Methanol Containers...!!   Done!!
Up and out - getting room sorted for my sister - staying over in the UK for a couple of weeks from USA.
Susie off to Inner Wheel meeting - got to be a pillar of society and a gypsy at the same time !!  
Bookers confirmed order - and found out how to print off the order - which was a bonus.
Gwent Police Licensing have a query regarding the TEN for Caerphilly Castle  - Susie can deal with that wehn she comes back and before we leave.
Finishing touches on the loading and we should be able to get off.
Typical - sunny today - woudl be lovely weather to dry the marquees - but they will be in the van for another day ....

1pm - on the back foot now...
Trailer and Van complete - just need to get it out from the back and sort the clothes boxes - kitchen - bedding and ancillaries - Susie should be back by 2pm - better get on ...!!

Oh well - 3.30pm - starting off
maybe catch up later at the other end of the journey ..

Arrived safe in Macclesfield - a little later than expected. Managed an uneventful journey until junction 14 on the M6... when a slight judder and a look into the wing mirror showed the offside rear tyre shredding and putting rubber onto the carriageway - also the mudguard disintegrating!!  Somehow the tyre decided to peel away - but did not burst - only the tread disappearing leaving the tyre still inflated... Seeing it straight away meant that we could slow to a crawl - but the hard shoulder was not wide enough to stop.. so we moved off the motorway and Susie's excellent memory said that there would be a lay bye a 1/4 mile up the A34 - and there was....
Did not try to jack the trailer up - I knew it was too heavy for my jack - so called the RAC - who said they could be there in 45 minutes... and hour and a quarter later we got the call saying that they were coming to us next - 40 minutes!!...  Have a spare tyre so no problems - only the logistics of jacking the heavy trailer.
Luckily - there are still samaritans around. A lorry driver - who started the conversation by ranting that cars were parking in the Lorry Lay bye (!!)  but changed his mind when I pointed out the tyre - called his mother who lived locally and brought a decent jack - and I changed the tyre with no problems...  Restores your faith in Human Nature..

As a result - arrived at the hotel too late for food - so a gin and tonic and bed !!
Looking forward to popping into Tesco for a slap up breakfast tomorrow...

Dogs Walked and watered - will feed them in the morning as well ...

It is now tomorrow so good night.... 

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