Saturday, 23 June 2012

22nd June 2012 - Tournament Stud

So up early and the weather is holding back . Forecast is for rain and heavy winds but an hour

to Biddleston and the weather is threatening but dry and quite warm.
Trailer needs the Tractor to get it out to the road and we manage to get onto the field - but well and truly stuck in the slimy London Clay.

Trip back to the farm and John comes out with the tractor again and puts the trailer in place
and so another bottle of tournament mead goes to a good home.

Tent goes up and and then the wind and th rain starts - and the wether forecast in fairnes was pretty well correct.
3 inches of standing water flow past the tent - but we are inside so not having too much of a problem. Back of the tent is well strapped down and cross braced and we have chosen a fairly 
high piece of ground so most of the water passes us....

Tent secure - sleeping in the van tonight so the bed goes in and the canopy is set and in bed by 10pm....   (Steak Dinner and a bottle of red wine by the way)

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