Monday, 11 June 2012

11th June 2012 - Another Monday ....

Early start as Van around at the garage for checking the front wheel for a clicking noise that seems to have disappeared!! and to get another fuel filter to take with us. Susie finished 50 litres of bio-diesel so we have some fuel for the journey to leek.
Marquee repaired - just needs to be dragged across to the car park to link together so it is ready to go.
Trailer mainly loaded so Van and away.
Sister arrives from USA on Wednesday so have arranged a taxi from the airport - but will have to get her room ready in Burry Port tomorrow morning.
Wedding pictures up on facebook - loading onto FLICKR overnight.
Link here  Gallery
List for the day :
  • Car insurance for Chrissie on mother's car - done
  • Check bookers for lager and charcoal and bread - done
  • cash from bank  - done
  • cash to bank  - done
  • Check items for Chrissie's spare room 
  • Put Wedding Gallery onto Website - after completing upload to FLICKR - done
So - looking at Leek last year, we used 4 lager and one strongbow, and 6 kegs
I am taking 4 kegs - so am looking to buy another two form the local wincle brewery.
I have 3/4 Lager on board  so require another 4 from Bookers.
Called and had a very good response form Richard the delivery manager/bod who is extremely helpful -  
Checked again and found that the Bookers is actually within 12 miles - so if I have to go back for a delivery it is possible - if a little more inconvenient .
Now to Find Wincle Brewery
Only 4 miles away so not too bad either - think I will take a Wincle Warmer at 3.8% and a Sir Phillip at 4.2%  that will take me to 6 and they are open 10am to 4pm every day - so some back yup there as well.
Ordered both for delivery on Thursday or Friday with some hard spiles.
Found a break in the rain - and pt the marquees back together. Sides still damp but they will be out again in a day or so.
Loaded the van with the canvass, the meads and wines, the orange and apple juices, the freezer and the kitchen cabinet ( set of drawers that hold everything that we need for cooking while away). Took more stuff down the back to load in the morning - hopefully in the dry - mainly into the trailer but the back of the van also looks pretty empty now it is tightly packed. Should manage everything ....
Nice man in Bookers will delver but wants to come on Wednesday as Fridays are very busy now - will have to go on line this evening and work out what we need and order .....   at least they will send us the lager and the cider.

Will have to look out another tap for the cider and check whether carlsberg is a bayonet connector or the other type - and make sure I take both sorts ....

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