Saturday, 5 January 2019

5th January 2019 - Memorials and Memories and Happy Trains

Thought for the day:"No-one knows what I am dealing with - I have an invisible pack of cards"

It is a year since the funeral of my mother - and this tribute from my Granddaughter singing Hallelujah popped up in my feed .. worth sharing again ...  The full service was listed before last year - here...

In other news - I am looking at my diary which includes this week heading to Chepstow, then Southport , then Liverpool .. I have the Bothy back on the road...  will find out how much that cost a little later today !! but am conscious that travelling around Wales is not easy ...

It was with interest that I picked up these pre- Beeching and current rail details... I just leave them for information ...

I was also watching some lovely old footage of the Mumbles Tramway which sadly also passed ..

and this lovely obituary from  Richard Vaughan Williams

Days gone past - I think that a Happy Train would do it   :)

Elounda - the Happy Train

Start of a health regime that may or may not work
Certainly not a resolution or Dry January but I think I am probably as heavy as I have ever been and my Sciatica is not being helpful so we shall see what we can do ...


D1 16 5

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