Thursday, 10 January 2019

10th January 2019 - Then and Now and How to swear in Latin

Thought for the day:"Shout out to the people who don't know what the opposite of in is"

So we are well into the New Year now and it is time to change a few pictures on Profiles...

I managed to get a nice flag for the Crimson Moon even though it is to be moth-balled for the time being..

There seems to be a nice little meme going around about "before and After" pictures.. So I looked out approximately 50 years for myself

50 years and  a Green One
yes - they were photo shopped when I was criticised for being to patriotic with the Red White and Blue. 

I thought I would have a look at Susie as well

Seems about right ...

In other news I found this explanation - seems legit..

And of course the ability to make use of Language properly

Getting ready for a road trip tomorrow ...

Cheers !!

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