Sunday, 20 January 2019

20th January 2019 - Discounts and Departures

Thought for the day:"My wife asked for some peace and quiet while she was cooking Sunday dinner – so I took the battery out of the smoke alarm"

So, advertising can work apparently. This is a real advert from a Mexican Company that understood the American Psyche - we hate Mexico - but we love discounts...

Only in America (or Mexico)

Busy day yesterday with the installation in Llanelli of the Court of St Elli in the Order of Athelstan.
All seemed to go smoothly and I did the inner workings to install the new Master.

In other news Windsor Davies died - which was sad -

"Oh dear! What a pity! Never Mind!!"

And in Brexit news - no change

So - Happy Sunday to all...
Have some Guitar - Beethoven's 5th for solo Guitar - Marcin Patrzalek

I will never be famous ...
Cheers !

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