Wednesday, 27 January 2016

27th January 2016 - Lost Burn's Kit ...

Thought for the day :"I only drink on two occasions - when I am thirsty and when I am not"

Busy day today hunting for the Burns Night Bag..
Seriously.. there is an orange plasticky paper bag - from sainsbury's or some similar shop, which is crushed full of everything I need for the Burn's Night tomorrow .. Can I find it ?? Can I diddlysquat !!
Three hours int eh warehouse today and the place is a lot tidier than it has been since August when I broke my arm, but still no orange bag..  And a nagging doubt that it has been put somewhere - for some reason - best known to me at that time - Was Alcohol Involved ? I cannot remember ! Is that because of alcohol involvement .. I.. Do ... Not.. Know!!!

I thought it was in the basement - it is the most likely place - I know we had it last January - at Burns's Night ...   it stayed in the living room for a while - then cleared to the basement  - must have gone somewhere - has to be the warehouse....

But I cannot find it
Found many other things
Tidied a lot up

But no tartan tablecloth, bronzes, daggers, pins, candlesticks, candles ...   where are they ???

oh well - back to searching
maybe a glass while I think about it..

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