Monday, 11 January 2016

11th January 2016 - RIP David Bowie

Thought for the day:" Death is Hereditary"

Today David Bowie dies, aged 69, after apparently suffering from cancer for 18 months. He released his latest album two days ago. Funnily enough there are as many tweets on twitter saying that "Music fans in mourning as Justin Bieber tragically confirmed alive and well" as those referring to the passing of Mr B.

Of course some people are remembered for other things ..  A History Library tweet contained the following which they claimed to be true .. (though it was quickly disputed and retracted as it apparently was written by a comedian - but I still enjoyed it)

When the news came through about Bowie - I immediately checked three sources including the BBC to ensure that it was not another spam posting...
I came up with this piece of truism as well..

 Seems legit  :)

My earliest recollection of David Bowie was in the Roundhouse (camden - London) circa 1967/8 when a gawky youth in early twenties came onto the stage and did a very commendable MIME show - with all the standards - trapped in the box that got smaller, walking against the wind ..  Only found out afterwards that is was David Jones, aka David Bowie...   Susie later went to see him in concert  with the glass spider tour and was suitably impressed.

My last memory, though was one of our Glastonbury trips. It was the year that the folding chairs with the drink holders in the arms were first released. They even had the original company name on the backs, but I cannot recall what it was - something like "stretch chairs" and they had the website printed on them. They lasted until 2015 so they were pretty good quality.

Yes - 2000, the year of Bowie at Glastonbury and we marched up to the path on the left hand side looking up to the stage and set out our brand new chairs that we had just bought - I recall they were very expensive but it was a Glastonbury moment. We sat down and took out the bottle of gin and the tonic water and two plastic wine glasses and sat and watched the set in comfort as everybody sat on the grass and got damp...  There were envious looks and looks of incredulilty at our set up - good times - and a good concert

Oh well - Life goes on for the rest of us... As they used to say on "On this day in history" - Yesterday Davie Bowie was composing - Today he is De-composing ...
RIP David
I raise a glass of Chateau 41 to you..

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