Saturday, 16 January 2016

16th January 2016 - One down - plenty to go

Thought for the day: "Breaking News - Explosion at a Cheese Factory De Brie everywhere!!"

An early start trying to get the heating working at the Llanelli Masonic Hall. The frost was thick upon the Bothy as I moved it out of the way for the house viewing today - first one in 9 months, and the hall was freezing. The timer had been set for 8am - and all the lights were on - but no heat was coming through anywhere. Switched all the buttons on and off - only to find that the rooms started to warm up about 10am. Not much good for a meeting starting at 10.30am.

Later, I discover that they have put an override switch on the boiler because people continual forgot to switch the heating off continuous - thus leaving heating on for days at a time - so the boiler cannot open between 10pm and 9am...  Of course - it is not intelligent enough to realise that there is a clock change in the winter and so the 9am startup is really 10am....

By the time we left the main hall it was almost warm enough to sit comfortably - I was int he Chair doing the installation - at least no-one was able to sleep !!!

So the installation of the St Elli Court of the order of Athelstan went well and a fine lunch at the hall, and a glass of wine or two...   At least I can now concentrate upon the next bit of learning - but maybe a day off tomorrow ..

Oh !  there is a bottle of port here - maybe just a glass with some cheese and biscuits..

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