Thursday, 14 January 2016

14th January 2016 - The hole in my roof is letting in water

Thought for the day:"Do unemployed artists draw benefits?"

Hi Hum - after 9 months of waiting for soemone to come to the house to view, we have someone coming on Saturday - and the flashing has all come away from the roof between the houses and water is pouring into the top rooms - not the most inspiring of sights as you walk around the house. Roofer has called an looked through the top window but cannot reach anything without scaffolding - so we will have to have some scaffolding up over the house for a couple of weeks.

Oh well - has to be done - but the incessant rain seems to be having a bit of an impact on our poor old house...

Oh well - the sun is shining today - so better make the most of it ..


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