Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December 2015 - Bottle - Goblet - Wine

Thought for the day:"I have a thousand pound Rolex that I never wear because it's too heavy."

Interesting Memes out there - apparently

"It was 7°C, windy and raining heavily in Glasgow the day you were born!"
Someone somewher has too much time on their hands I think ...

Maybe it is me - I have spent most of the day compiling and rendering a video of a good Friend - Devilstick Peat ( you may recall him from Blog here )  and his first public outing of the famous Tommy Cooper "Bottle Goblet - Goblet Bottle" trick.

I recall the day that he told me that his wife and family had bought him the set - and he was not allowed to see it until his birthday ...   and another 3 months have gone by as he masters his art ..
I enjoyed ...

So, a few extra bottles will always go down well ...   Cheers !


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