Friday, 25 December 2015

25th December 2015 - Merry Christmas all..

Thought for the day:" I baked a sponge today - it was a piece of cake"

Well, what do you do with your Christmas Morning...   Cup of tea is always a good start and then onto the hard stuff - a pint of diet coke in front of me ...  and the laptop is cleared of all important stuff - everything backed up, and so I decided to hit the "windows 10" button and see what happens..

Wish me luck - I will update on progress..

Of course the laptop is not really the problem - there is very little on it to be honest. The big test will be to see if outlook 2003 works on it or not - 'cos that is where all my files are...

Ho hum - and they say never mend it if it isn't broke .. but we shall see...

What is this??

ahh !

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