Wednesday, 2 December 2015

2nd December 2015 - Thinking outside the box - not parking

Thought for the day:" I was playing a very sad song, and I noticed a man in the front row of the audience with tears running down his face. When I was finished, I approached him and asked if he was a sentimentalist. He said “No I’m a musician.” "

So, though I would claim to support thinking "outside the box",  I seem to have a little reputation for taking on those in the world who park outside the lines and in particular where they park in disabled areas or areas set aside for young children- that sort of thing.. As the head of the local police I once mentioned that I disliked people who parked on pavements. By this I meant those who park so as to block a wheelchair or pram or pushchair, causing people to have to take the more dangerous route of pushing out into the road to pass the car when they should have safe access along the pavement..

Power is always a dangerous assett. I think in terms of "who will rid me of this troublesome priest" .. as I went to work the next morning to find that a whole road had been booked in the night for parking on pavements, yes - but the pavements were about 12 feet wide and had been used by residents for the last 10 years ...  A succession of angry residents trooped into the station to have their tickets rescinded ...   I am still not sure if it was just a ploy to keep me out of the way for a day ...  Some of my fellow officers were well capable of such an action..

Just as in the early days, breathalyser procedure had to be done by the sergeant after you brought the suspect into the station and he/she had provided a second test .... bring a couple of suspects in and the ergeant was out of your hair for at least 2-3 hours...  "I would like you to take hold of this device, I would like you to fully inflate the bag taking at least 10 and no monger than 20 seconds in one blow. I must warn you that a failure or refusal to fully comply will lead to you being arrested"....

Of course those days did not have the electronic devices - these were little glass vials that you had to cut the ends off with the little saw edge that was part of the box....

Somewhere in a box - I think that there is still one of these ..  found this picture on an auction page - guide price £10 - £20  ...   there cannot be many of them still out there - I will wait until there are a few less...

But, back to the parking - this little snippet popped up on the Tube of Yous...  and I had to laugh - though I think if I were the copper - I would have considered dangerous or reckless driving as he clearly did not have sufficent vision to drive safely.. oh - and littering - he made a terrible mess..
 Please enjoy..

And with those thoughts - I get back to my books ... and maybe a glass later on

A glass of Chateau 41 - not a Merlot!!

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