Tuesday, 15 December 2015

15th December 2015 - Little Things and a few Hits

Thought for the day:"My career as an archaeologists lies in ruins."

Seems to be a hobbit day ...  For no real reason except I was watching Grand Designs yesterday and Susie commented that we would both prefer the pre-fab hobbit houses that featured a few days ago on this blog - Hobbit Homes

Which brought my mind back to a friend who is trying to build her own Round House and is getting further into her plans than we are with our own House Sale..
and the fact that I wrote her a song - which happens to be about Hobbits...

Too Tall to be a Hobbit

And of course before that there was the famous Simon & Garfunkel theft of a song written for JR Tolkien many years ago...

Let's all be Hobbits

And so today the YouTube hits for the Vollsanger Channel hit over 85,500 views which can't be all bad... even if it is spread over a large number of videos..

Weather is rubbish again today - and I need to get some straw out of the back of the car and into the garage - a good reason to procrastinate, though interestingly we still have not got the heating on - so much for the Daily Express headlines form a few months back saying we are about to have the coldest winter in history.. there are good reasons for not buying papers..

So, off to Carmarthen today for St Peter's Installation, guest of the lodge as Reigning Master, and I have a lift so will be abler to take advantage of the free wine - if there is any ..

I will lift a glass to you and the hobbits later... just don't listen to the dwarves...


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