Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July 2015 - Half down - Half to go

Thought for the day:"If these walls could talk I bet it would be gibberish cause these walls are plastered!"

Heat wave promised ... Storms achieved. Heavy rain and humid temperatures. So, July came in with its own character. Got caught in the downpour when visiting the hospital but to be honest the rain was warm and not unpleasant.

So, first of July and time for a quick resume of the year so far.

House up for sale but no movement. Call from the Estate agents today and you can tell it is an embarrassing call for them to make - they have found no-one to look at the house in two months - however we are all in agreement that the price is right - there just are no people out there at the moment looking for this type of house. Meanwhile a number of more houses are up for sale in the area - this may be good or bad. Good - because if there is someone out there looking for the large house - then what we have to offer may be more for some people for the same money.. Bad - because there are too many houses out there - which should depress the prices but does not seem to be doing so at the moment ...

Mother in hospital, but slowly improving. Managed to walk a bit today so that is a good step forward - no pun intended. Also has a new phone which seems to be working so we have contact as well as visiting.

Dispute over the Sale of the business - no progress at present. Default of £10,000 and no communication - while continuing to trade - albeit in another name - but with all the assets of the business. All in hands of solicitors but progress is slow...

No good deed goes unpunished they say - and so it is with those we helped over the last two years. Equally distressing is the case of the couple who defaulted on their TAB and are now in a state of self-righteousness and denial - why can't people just accept responsibility for their actions and pay their debts!

I am fascinated that people who know me and enjoy my assistance and forbearance then treat this as a weakness of character.  That they are suddenly surprised if I act as a business man who had thirty years experience in the Police Service to a substantial rank. Of course I am robust. Of course I object to dishonesty and lies. Of course I can investigate and get to the truth. Of course I will chase up a debt. Of course I will not back down under threat. Why be surprised ?

On the other side of the same coin, we are wonderfully supported by whole groups of people as we rebuild the lost reputation of the Crimson Moon - with the diary filling up well and plenty of interest into next year.  The re-investment is paying off and I have lovely colleagues to share the pain of the return to the front.

A couple of weeks before my annual trip to Germany to Bard at Mythodea - and on this occasion an extension to go and play at Drachenfest..  The Bothy is in the garage for final fixing before the journey - had an oil change and service and needing a little welding on the rear. 

And this weekend we are off sailing in a charter sail ship..

So, half way through the year and not much achieved - but life goes on and there are whales to save and washing up to be done ... I wonder what the remainder will bring us ...

Glass of "41" for a start ...  and a New video form the Vale with a favourite song at the moment .. Tanja's song.. Songs from the firepit...

Cheers ... 

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