Monday, 13 July 2015

13th July 2015 - Presentations and Promotions

Thought for the day :"I am hiding from exercise - I am in a fitness protection programme"

So a wet Monday and time to change the profile pictures - used a little on line tool to make this little sketch - 

 and of course the cover picture changes on a Monday as well...

Received a nice letter this morning from Mark Mason's Hall, offering me Grand Rank in the Allied Masonic Degrees - Past Inner Guard. Will be invested in October up in London. May have to sort out my bus pass and senior citizen rail card by then.... Seems that there are options to get to London by train in a manner that does not require renewing a mortgage and selling your inheritance ...

And in other news, finished a song for the Scorpions Inn - another of the Mythodea Taverns. Decided that the Parry tune of Myfanwy was too good not to put to use - and worked on the words a little to provide a storyline for Vollsanger's next trip out...

I travelled far to Mythodea
Though dangers are in Mythodea
I searched for love in Mythodea
Though Schwarze Eis stood in my way
I braved the Ratio to find her
I searched through darkest night and day
To find the one
The only one
To steal her heart away

The Scorpions Inn was where I found her,
Through haze and smoke like dreams of wonder
The bubble pipes as soft as thunder
As candles pierced the veil of night
From distance playing out my love song
My words just strained to come out right
To be the song
My Scorpion song
To steal her heart away

I found her there in Mythodea
With (Auburn) Hair in Mythodea
Her eyes were (green) in Mythodea
That sweet scented air lifted me higher
In Scorpions Inn I played my love song
No sting in tail was my desire
She was the one
The Only One
She stole my heart away

So, looking at the weather I had better go and find out if the Bothy has been welded and sorted for the trip to  Germany... Cheers!


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