Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14th July 2015 - Of Good Days and Guzzunders!!

Thought for the day:" They say your memory is the first thing to... something... "

Today is a ramble from ...

 Mr Morgan - the Barber Surgeon

I’m always one for a bargain, and I can never resist a junk shop, charity shop, skip or even a pile of stuff on the side of the road, I mean, you never know do you?

Anyway yesterday, whilst perusing a shop in Thornbury, I espied a wondrous sight, a mono handled vision in gleaming white, a triumph of the potters art and very convenient to boot. 

Yes, a po’, a gazunder, a tiddly pot, call it what you will these beauties were the answer to many a prayer on those cold frosty nights of old when indoor sanitation was but a dream for many and a long trek to the bottom of the garden seemed the only option for most. But what did it for me, oh man my eyes mist over at the memory, was the mark in Royal blue standing out like a lighthouse in a storm on the front of the potty. An ER cypher, surmounted by a Kings crown, containing VII in roman numerals and underscored by the name Osborne. 

Oh yes, the personal cypher of King Edward the VII and the name of the Royal Palace, Osborne house. Could this be ? Was it ? Is this the personal tiddly pot of Edward (Dirty Bertie who got rather flirty with several actresses under thirty) VII ? Had the Royal posterior ever graced this hallowed porcelain as he crouched in majesty cigar in one hand, brandy in the other whilst he pondered what he was going to get up to next with Lilly Langtree or Mrs Keppel? 

I don’t know. But what I do know is that every time I pass this glorious receptacle I feel the need to bow or at least offer a salute to his late lamented fast living and rather rotund Majesty ( Gor bless ‘im.) and I can’t help feeling that even the po’s presence elevates Morgan Mansions to a level only aspired to by Chartwell or Cliveden, Blenheim ……. and er, um….Downton.

Now, what am I going to use it for? Certainly not the obvious, well, it would be disrespectful wouldn’t it. 

I was thinking about a container for wrapped sweets, a Pringle pot for parties or perhaps, ah yes, given ‘is Majesties reputation for over refreshment, a wine cooler. 

Mmm, yeh, that would do nicely, I think his old Majesty would approve.

Perhaps I could cool a bottle of Chateau 41...
Seems like a plan

update: piccie finally posted

Meanwhile, the Bothy is still getting a facelift or rather a bottom lift with the sills and rear structure being re-welded. Beer is ordered and good news today that we have got Caldicot Castle Early Medieval Alliance September event back again...   Reason to celebrate in my view...

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