Saturday, 25 July 2015

25th July 2015 - Trailer Tents and Timetables

Thought for the day: "Apparently I snore so loudly that it scares everyone in the car I'm driving."

 And so, it is the last day before the trip to Germany... Van all packed up and ready to go .. So for a change we play with Susie's new toy - a trailer tent ..

We set aside an hour this morning to see if we could see how to set it up - four hours later we had succeeded.. And it appears to be in very good condition and - though we took a few attempts, went up quite easily - once we knew what we were doing...

 Light enough so that Susie can move it on her own .

 New Bunjy rope ready for replacing the existing - but that seems to be the only thing that needs much work other than a couple of eyebolts for the legs ..

 The kitchen lifts off the back - but a bit heavy for one to carry .

 But basin (not plumber in but ready for it) and cooker (which works)

 and then the magic starts ..

 Like taking a rabbit out of the hat ,, it all unfolds like a demented Tardis

 and after the tent - then the awning goes on ..

 Space for the kitchen - a loo and wardrobe

and fully lined inside

 And there we are in all our glory ..

 and there we go..
And so - she is ready for the first trip out of Bala ..

And fingers crossed that there are not too many delays at the Eurostar..

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