Tuesday, 7 July 2015

7th July 2015 - Of Haggis and Happy Days

Thought for the day: "I'm feeling super lazy today - it is like normal lazy - but I am wearing a cape!"

We have been asked by the SHPS ( Scottish Haggis Protection Society) to warn people about the dangers of Haggis Laying Season.
The months of July and August are when Haggi are particularly dangerous, while protecting their newly hatched Hagglets.
If you spot a brood while you are out and about exploring , please do KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE!
Coastal Haggi can be particularly vicious and give you a Nasty peck, they are very fast swimmers. But the worst ones are the rarely seen Galloway Belted Haggi , they live in the hills and can run particularly quickly for the species . Also watch out now for Urban Haggi that due to changes in modern agricultural practice , come into the town's and villages to look for turnips, ( their favourite food) .
There are many rumours that Avon skin so soft is a good Haggi Repellent - THIS IS NOT TRUE , Every one locally knows the only thing that keeps them way is if you suck plenty of Moffat Toffee or play loud Bagpipe music!

( pictured below , a very rare photo of a Carsphairn grey with her litter of Hagglets) 

In other news - I am on dry land again after a great weekend.


Learning : Tie the Jib with wool so you can hoist before it furls

Its alright - I am in charge

Brendan the Skipper forgets to add the sheets before taking the Jib out to the Bowsprit

Susie in her natural Habitat

Rigging and sail

a quick rest between hauling sail

the Pilgrim - 1895 - Brixham Trawler
and finally - under full sail - well at least the four that we put up 
And with that - last of the "41" tonight - a little cloudy but that can only be good for you .. right ?


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