Monday, 29 June 2015

29th June 2015 - Of Greeks and Groceries

Thought for the day:"A Bad attitude is like a flat tyre - you are going nowhere until you change it"

So, the story in Greece becomes more frenetic, and as we have family in Crete, we are following the news with slightly more interest than we might in other circumstances. Sadly, as with many other problems, there does not seem to be a solution. Banks are shut. Pensioners, we understand, can withdraw up to 60 euros, but only if they can get to a bank - and have cards. Even those in work are unlikely to be paid - as no cash is available for wages and no-one can access their accounts. It is frightening how quickly a modern society can go from viability to crisis.

And back in the UK, I am shamed that my problems are that the fancy wireless speaker that I bought did not charge the battery, and an hour in Tesco trying to work out how the store could replace it - when it was bought on Tesco vouchers with a double up option. They started by suggesting that they could only refund half the price - or have another item worth the vouchers I had spent - still half price, which did not really seem fair to me - after all I wanted a working model of the item that I was returning that was currently failing to work. A few phone calls and it was all very simple - I would have to go to another store tomorrow - because Llanelli is not an "order" store... but a new speaker was in the delivery and would arrive after 3pm tomorrow if I go to Swansea...

Meanwhile, a new HUDL and case and pointer were duly delivered to Llanelli as a Birthday present for Susie - in fairness she did not have a Christmas present or birthday present last year - but the voucher booster also meant that these items were also half price... which is good value  really ...

So while Greece goes to the wall - we are able to ensure deliveries of luxury items within 24 hours.. somehow that is a little shameful - just saying ..

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