Tuesday, 16 June 2015

16th June 2015 - Of Tescos and Transportation

Thought for the day:"The difference between genius and stupidity, is that genius has its limits - Einstein"

Well, it all seems very easy really. The Eurotunnel is 35 minutes across the channel and a campervan willing to travel int he early hours of the night can get across each way for £85 a journey. Not bad really considering I could be taking several people - though in all honesty at the moment I am travelling on my own. But the best part is that I have Tesco Vouchers. Now I know these are not free really, that they are all paid for by the various ruses that Tesco uses to persuade me to buy for them rather than competitors, but the vouchers still mount up and in general we fail to use many of them.

Every so often I think about it and then have a panic look through the list to see if there are any that are about to expire and try to use them before they do. However, in real terms we tend not to remember that they are sitting there until something big comes up. And in this case the "something big" is the trip across to Germany to Drachenfest and Mythodea. So Tesco vouchers can be "boosted" which means that each £10 is actually worth £30. So the trip across the water is costing me £60 instead of £170. I lose £10 in voucher value - but that seems a small cost to pay. AS in reality - the vouchers might have sat there without being used.

From my point of view - there is no actual cost - nothing coming out of the bank or the credit card - just some vouchers - and a couple of clicks on line and an email and there we go ... and two minutes later the confirmation pops into the email ... can't fault it..

The Ticket for Mythodea arrived today - also by email.

So it is all getting a little more real...

Best start thinking about writing some more songs .... or at least practising the ones I wrote last year !

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