Saturday, 27 June 2015

27th June 2015 - iPhones, iPads, i Don't know !!!

Thought for the day :"I'm having some vision trouble today. I can't see myself doing anything. "

Okay, it is Saturday and the Provincial Mark Meeting went without anything untoward. I was deputising as Organist, but as it happened the main organist turned up and I was not required. And there we find how the technology has increased over the years...

There I was with a full keyboard - takes up a lot of room with a stand and all the leads, and then the large speaker case - 800 watts it claims, and the bits and pieces, and the pedals and the music stand...  and there was John with a couple of small bags - no bigger than a large handbag - and that included his music..

So - it seems that the Apple APP syndrome has moved into a different phase.. As he had an iRig keyboard. Just two octaves and lighter than a toy piano that Schroeder might use...  an 8 inch by 12 inch iSpeaker / amp which turned out to give 40 watts of volume!!. Yup - it is the i-universe. As he plugged the keyboard into his iPad. Plugged the battery operated amp into the iPad and proceeded to load an app that said ORGAN  - and bingo - a full church organ sound in the room !

It did have some restrictions - though in fairness they may be because he was not sure how to mix the apps - he found that he could not display the music while playing the app... Solution? Took a photo of the screen with music on it with his iPhone and used that to play...

Was sort of impressed to be honest - but not enough to invest in anything "i".

Meanwhile - uploaded a vid from the Vale - Peter ( Scott used his camera with a microphone attachment and it came out quite well.

Also some piccies from the event...

Crimson Moon

Some Meads

Best to stay Balanced

Crimson Moon at Night
So, chateau 41 to finish the day  - Cheers


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