Sunday, 14 June 2015

14th June 2015 - Pop Pop Boats and Purchases..

Thought for the day:"I need to find my aim in life before I run out of ammunition."

This fascinated me for some reason. I remember being at Glastonbury over a number of years and there was always a stall near the main path up towards the Stone Circle where these little boats chugged around in a large sink - I have no idea what I would want to do with one.. I had some ideas about setting it as part of a market stall for steam punk sales.. but it is probably just another of those ideas that goes nowhere in the end..  In the meantime - I will leave this instruction film here for posterity..

Meanwhile, up in Newcastle, the Crimson Moon Mead Emporium seems to be going down well..
 We seem to have a new supporter with a camera - thanks to Aiden Carr for the photographs.

 And of course, the faithful phone cameras..

They seem to have managed a good spot and the stall is a lot larger than I was expecting. The banner is also a new touch which looks good. I wish them well... They seem to have sold well.

Feeling a little lazy just sitting at home doing the accounts - but they have to be done as well ...

Maybe a glass of Chateau 41 later...

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