Monday, 6 October 2014

6th October 2014 - Just a Thought...

Thought for the day : "The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first..."

Bit of a non-day today.. Managed to get the mixer working with the computer, so much of the time that should have been spent blogging and doing stuff like that was lost in the depths or reading manuals (yes .. I do read Manuals when I need to find out how to get the sound working) and tinkering with some sounds...

Managed to put the curtain rail up after it managed to jump off the wall ...  and moved the barbecue to the basement so the living room is a little clearer than normal.. Failed to put the canvass for Bertha out while it was sunny for a couple of hours..  the sides were fairly dry but the lid was damp and needs to be draped over the plotment for an hour or two before settling for the winter..   Sudden monsoons seem to be the weather of the moment though...

Managed to drape a tarpaulin over the chicken run and set off an anti-mite and insect and gribbly personnel device.. is meant to kill everything by smoke bombing it.. but the last attempt all the smoke went out the roof and windows...  Hopefully, Susie is going to pick up some chickens tomorrow - a few days old - and set them out for the fattening for Christmas... Eileen taken into hospital this evening so not sure what the plans will be... sadly did not take her to the local hospital, but to Carmarthen - much longer journey !!!

So, for all these reasons - no blog really today - other than the last few hundred words of course!!!

May chance a glass of Chateau 41..

Old Time Religion

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