Thursday, 16 October 2014

16th October 2014 - On Storage Containers (Part Two)

Thought for the day : "Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have."

A busy day today - mainly visiting hospitals for tests and appointments for family members..
Managed to view the new Warehouse and consider it to have enough room even for all my clobber - so operation "De-clutter (v2)"  is likely to start on November the first ..

So while I consider future houses and sale of this one - I move onto section 2 of the "what you can do with a shipping container" - This one is a house put up in Savannah - Georgia..

No! not that one - that is the source material  !!!
The interesting thing about this one is that there is no attempt to hide the fact that it is a shipping container. The inside can be as luxurious as you like but the exterior always reminds you of its origins.
I think I would probably invest in a coat of paint - it would still be  clear what it is - but a little less invasive upon the environment .. but this was an art project as well - so it was trying to make a statement ...
Gives an idea of what can be done ..  I like the poster/picture on the wall "Try"
Open plan but, certainly something could be done with this sort of space...

I still think I will empty mine and sell it !!!


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